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Switch to Trading Plus Premium.

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Premium trading environment

We offer tailored pricing, spreads, and commissions to create a trading environment that perfectly suits your trading style

Dedicated sales

A dedicated personal sales trader, who is always available - on priority. Choose your preferred method to chat with us.

Advanced trading
and research tools

Get access to the best trading tools, alerts and market insights to your inbox

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Get the ultimate experience with fast, reliable execution along with the best available pricing

How to become a premium trader?

You can qualify to become a Premium trader after you cross the volume per month threshold mentioned below.
(Note: Only Retail and Trading Plus Pro accounts are eligible to become a premium trader with us)

Market Volume Per Month
Forex 10m USD notional
Commodities 10m USD notional
Share CFDs 10m USD notional

Exclusive benefits of joining Trading Plus premium club

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Advanced market

Access a range of expert trading
resources and exclusive insights from our team of analysts

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Priority support 24/7

Trading Plus Premium clients have a direct access to our Premium support team
on chat, phone and email 24/7

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Priority withdrawals

Swift and timely withdrawals into your account, processed on priority within
a few hours.

There's a reason why our traders love us

Frequently Asked

Who can become a Trading Plus Premium member?

Any client who meets the eligibility criteria of trading 10 million USD national volume per month across Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrency CFDs, Share CFDs and Precious Metals is eligible to become a Trading Plus Premium member.

What benefits do Premium Account holders enjoy?

Compared to Standard and Direct Account holders, Premium account holders get to enjoy the following perks:

  • Ultra-bespoke trading conditions
  • Dedicated sales trader to cater to all your trading needs
  • Private one-to-one session with a Forex expert
  • Exclusive premium 24/7 support 24/7
  • Premium club events & hospitality

How do I apply for Trading Plus Premium?

You will need a Trading Plus account to be eligible for Trading Plus Premium. So in case you are a new client and do not have an existing account with us, click here to create a live account. You can then contact your account manager, email us at [email protected], or get in touch via our 24/7 live chat to discuss your eligibility for an upgrade to Trading Plus Premium.

I don't have an account with Trading Plus yet.
Can I still apply to be a Trading Plus Premium?

In order to apply for a Trading Plus Premium status, you require a Standard or Direct account with Trading Plus that you can create by clicking here. You can then contact your account manager, email us at [email protected], or get in touch via our 24/7 live chat to discuss your eligibility for an upgrade to Trading Plus Premium.

What is a premium trading account?

A premium trading account is especially catered towards experienced traders that deal with large volumes and need super fast market executions as well as priority support. A Trading Plus Premium trading account offers bespoke trading conditions, dedicated sales trader, access to advanced trading tools, and a complete VIP treatment.

Which trading account type is best?

The right trading account for you will depend on your trading requirements and experience. If you are a new trader, you can start with a Trading Plus Standard or Direct account. If you deal with large volumes, it would be best to move to Trading Plus Premium to make the most out of your trades and get high profits.

What are the different types of trading accounts?

There are three main types of trading accounts available with Trading Plus —standard, direct, and premium. Apart from these, we also offer a demo account which you can use to practice your trade strategies with virtual money.

What is the minimum deposit to open a trading account?

You need a minimum deposit of $100 to start trading with Trading Plus.

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